About Ignited

Marrying employers and job seekers since 2009.

Matchmaking is a delicate undertaking. Both sides have a lot at stake. We ask the right questions. We listen. We proceed with care.

Job Seekers

We know what you most want from a search firm.

A job search can be burdensome. Picking the wrong search firm accentuates the less pleasant aspects. Let us unburden you.


Our clients come first.

We like our candidates but love our clients. They allow us to provide for our families. We honor this with loyalty, honesty, competence, maximum effort.


One can learn a lot in 25 years.

Recruiting experience, while invaluable, is insufficient. Why? Because like most disciplines, recruiting is constantly transforming. Our conclusion: Never stop paddling.


We love helping companies and job seekers and more generally discussing all things recruiting.